IT Relocate To Spain: The Life You Want

relocate to spain

The country of Spain is an amazing place full of spectacular beauty and wonderful people. From mountains and valleys to deserts and gorgeous beaches – there’s no end to the Spanish landscapes that will leave you in awe. In addition, living costs are quite low as well, making it a highly desirable destination for those looking for a new life abroad. It has been said that today around 8 million foreigners reside in Spain, with ex-pats from across Europe now calling this their home.

Are There IT Jobs In Spain?

There are plenty of jobs in Spain for IT professionals. According to the latest statistics, approximately 210,000 people work in this industry (and that number is growing). This country’s economy is looking up right now, which means many new companies will be looking for computer programmers and engineers alike. Particularly in the areas of telecommunications and energy, opportunities abound in Spain right now – although there are similar ones throughout much of Europe as well (France, Germany, Netherlands).

What Language Do You Need To Know?

You’ll need to speak at least some Spanish if you expect to find work in Madrid or Barcelona – locals will appreciate anything you can do. However, don’t fret just yet – most people working in information technology speak English quite well too, which means you won’t have to go through the pain of learning a second language if you don’t wish.

Here are the most popular programming languages used in Spain at this time, as well as their job prospects – please note that these figures are for España only


C++ is an enhanced version of C, and is widely used in both Windows and Linux operating systems – particularly the former. Spanish companies adopting it include Telefonica, Repsol YPF (the big oil company), and Santander Bank. The biggest concentrations of C++ programmers are currently found in Barcelona where companies like Telefonica establish R&D centers.

RoR: An option

Currently the preferred language for new web projects, Ruby on Rails is a high-level programming platform used to build dynamic websites and applications. It’s not widely employed by Spanish companies, but those that do use it include Upssala (a Swedish IT company), as well as Hostalia (Spain’s biggest hosting company). The main concentrations of RoR developers are again Barcelona and Madrid.

PHP: A good choice

Very popular in Spain currently; PHP powers around 90% of all websites making it one of the most widespread programming languages there is. As such its job prospects are very good – this is particularly true given that PHP can be easily mastered with courses like this. Some major users are Telefonica, Vodafone, and Nestle, to name a few.

Java: A high demand language

Although its job prospects are generally quite good in any Spanish city; Java remains one of the top choices for employers and is considered a highly-demanded skill by companies (with salaries averaging €44,000). The main concentrations of Java developers can be found in Madrid and Barcelona – where over 70% of all developers work with this programming language.

Python: An alternative popular choice

Python can be summarised as a cross between low-level languages such as C or machine-level languages such as Assembly – it’s thus well suited to rapidly creating websites that require quick processing power (like e-commerce sites).