Best Places To Relocate For IT Jobs (Part 1)

best places to relocate

The IT industry is a crowded field – and getting more so every day. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the computer systems design and related services industries should top out at 7.2 million jobs by 2018. That would be a rise of 21 percent from 2011 numbers, which were themselves up by 14 percent over 2005*. And that’s just one segment of technology! If you’re looking for a new place to call home where your technology skills would be appreciated (and compensated), such growth bodes well for you — assuming you don’t mind venturing beyond your current locale. We’ve come up with our list of best places to relocate if you want to hit the ground running as an IT.

Barcelona, Spain

Do you want to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with a culture that is rich and varied?  You will be enjoying an average workday temperature of 72.5 degrees with 69 clear days per year, so it’s easy to spend your lunch break relaxing at a beachfront cafe instead of sitting through two long conference calls back-to-back. As for the lifestyle itself, expect to pay about 9.8 percent lower than other salaried workers when buying groceries and housing while also spending nearly 25 percent less on transportation. All this adds up to approximately $2,000 more monthly salary compared to living in other areas throughout Europe—a welcome boost considering Spain has very high tax rates overall.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Hague is one of the most sought-after cities for relocating tech workers, but Amsterdam also offers a large number of new jobs in both ICT and non-ICT positions. Moreover, the Netherlands offers an impressively affordable standard of living, including the lowest out-of-pocket cost on health care within all of Europe.

United Kingdom

Great Britain’s constantly evolving startup scene has created several attractive career opportunities across many different industries. Not to mention that London itself is constantly being touted as one of the most popular relocation spots worldwide by major publications including The Huffington Post, Forbes, CNN Money, Business Insider, USA Today, and more. With about 10 months of nice weather per year, two national holidays per month on average, and a competitive pay rate, it’s not hard to see why this European hotspot is quickly gaining momentum as a top career option.


This country consistently ranks as one of the best places to live, top publications like Forbes ‘ annual list of the most livable cities. And it’s no wonder why: Switzerland has a relatively stable economy, a low rate of unemployment, and strong wages. All this helps make for a high quality of life, which is supported by the nation’s high literacy rates and high-performing educational system. Quality of life also contributes to the country’s success as a hub for information technology companies, with IBM being one of its top employers.


Not only does Japan have an incredibly rich culture that spans back thousands of years, but it’s also been widely recognized as one of the most technologically savvy countries in all of Asia. The government has invested heavily in IT research and development, even a national program to advance so-called “fifth-generation” wireless systems.